Our Journey

Established in 2018, CleanPost embarked on a mission to introduce New Zealand to the world's most effective cleaning products. What began with co-founder Jacob Buchan's discovery of Bar Keepers Friend—a miracle solution for cleaning shower glass without the need for expensive tools—has grown exponentially. Today, CleanPost stands proud, having delivered exceptional cleaning products to over 150,000 homes across NZ.

Our Commitment
At CleanPost, we believe in quality over quantity. With meticulous curation, we limit our range, ensuring every product offered is nothing short of the best. From the phenomenal Bar Keepers Friend to the record-breaking Scrub Daddy sponges, which claimed the title of the #1 selling product on the USA TV show 'Shark Tank', our catalog is filled with trusted brands and rave-reviewed products.

Scrub Daddy Collection

In our continuous effort to promote sustainability, we've joined forces with Dazz NZ. This collaboration focuses on reducing the number of plastic bottles that find their way into NZ's landfills.

Dazz Collection

Why Choose CleanPost?
Beyond our product excellence, customer satisfaction is at the core of our values. A staggering 90%+ of our orders are dispatched within the next working day. As the official NZ wholesaler of several globally renowned brands, CleanPost boasts unique deals that you won't find anywhere else. These exciting offers, sourced directly from containers of new arrivals, are always changing, ensuring there's always something fresh to catch your eye.

Community and Environment
We're not just about cleaning products. CleanPost is deeply invested in creating a sustainable future. Every order from us arrives in compostable or recyclable packaging. Our in-house cardboard shredder aids local businesses with packing materials and any excess cardboard rolls and offcuts supports local daycares for arts and crafts.

Meet Our Team
Located in the heart of Papamoa, Tauranga, CleanPost is a family-run enterprise. It's more than just a business; it's a tight-knit family with a mother and her two sons, supported by two incredible team members who've grown close over the years. While our base at 6/11 Ashley Place functions primarily as a wholesale workshop, we love when local residents pop in for a chat and to grab their favorite cleaning products.

We're backed by over 6,000 5-star reviews from satisfied Kiwis. View them HERE.

Contact and Connect
Discover more about our exclusive product ranges, Naked Glass and Bar Keepers Friend, at CleanPost. For any inquiries or feedback, drop us an email at support@cleanpost.co.nz. Call 0226465561. Or fill out the form below.

Happy Cleaning!

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