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Dazz Eco Home Cleaning Kit

Dazz Eco Home Cleaning Kit

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Save Money, Space, and Reduce Plastic Waste with our entire range of DAZZ eco-friendly cleaners.


3 x Reusable Glass Bottles (500ml Spray With Trigger)
2 x Reusable Glass Bottles (250ml Foaming Hand Soap)

1 x Refill Tablets - All Purpose Cleaner (Lemon Guava)
1 x Refill Tablets - Bathroom Cleaner (Mandarin Orange)
1 x Refill Tablets - Window & Glass Cleaner (Fresh Mint)

1 x Refill - Foaming Hand Soap (Lavender Lemon)
1 x Refill - Foaming Hand Soap (Eucalyptus Mint)
1 x Refill - Foaming Hand Soap (Pina Colada)
1 x Refill - Foaming Hand Soap (
Strawberry Rose)

..And one clean conscience, knowing you are not harming our planet.

Dazz tablets dissolve in tap water to make your home cleaning solution. When you're empty, simply refill your reusable glass bottle, add a Dazz tab, and you're good to go!

..No more single-use plastics ♻️

Lab tests against leading brands in the USA proved that Dazz cleans among the best without harsh chemicals (test results).

Dazz cleaners are safe around kids and pets. They're safe on septic tanks. Vegan Friendly. 100% Biodegradable. It comes in compostable packaging. They are formulated with a unique combination of naturally safe, plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Your pets and children will be safe, planet Earth will thank you, and your bank account will LOVE this bundle.

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