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Dazz Eco Spray Collection

Dazz Eco Spray Collection

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Get all 3 Dazz cleaning sprays (All-Purpose, Bathroom, Glass) in one kit!

You'll get reusable glass bottles labeled "All Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass" for easy identification and three Dazz refills to get your home smelling fresh and sparkling clean.

Your pets and children will be safe, planet Earth will thank you, and your bank account will LOVE this deal.

What’s Included?

3 x Reusable Glass Bottles (500ml with Spray Trigger)
1 x Refill Packet - All Purpose Cleaner (Lemon Guava)
1 x Refill Packet - Bathroom Cleaner (Mandarin Orange)
1 x Refill Packet - Window & Glass Cleaner (Fresh Mint)

... And 1 Clean Conscience for Fighting Against Plastic Pollution 🙏

*1 Packet = Fills 500ml Glass Bottle or 500ml plastic spray bottle if you wish to reuse.

Ingredients List:

- Citric acid (derived from citrus fruits). 
- Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
- Sodium carbonate (washing soda)
- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (derived from coconuts).
- Fragrance. (fruit/plant oil)   
- Colorant. (organic food grade)

*The concentration of each ingredient varies for each product and its intended purpose.

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