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The Washery

The Washery BioCloth 3 pack

The Washery BioCloth 3 pack

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Where better to start making a difference to the planet than at home!

The Bio Cloth is akin to a traditional Scandinavian cloth made from natural wood pulp and cotton, free from microplastics. 

Their fun and colourful designs mean they'll brighten up any home and make it easy to colour code your cleaning.

They're super absorbent, lint and streak-free, and are perfect for cleaning all areas of your home. Try them in your kitchen, bathroom, or take them into the garage to wash the car inside or out.

The Bio Cloth is quick-drying, aiding in bacteria prevention and won't smell!

If they get a little dirty, wash them in your dishwasher for a refresh. When it comes time to get rid of it (after up to 9 months of use), pop them in the compost or garden to biodegrade.

  • Compostable in 4-8 weeks
  • Wash in Dishwasher
  • Antibacterial and won't smell
  • Soft and Super Absorbent
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