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Bar Keepers Friend BIG DUO

Bar Keepers Friend BIG DUO

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Get massive value with the XXL Big Duo Combo, with 75% more powder cleanser and 99% more cream cleanser than the original sizes!

Bar Keepers Friend BIG DUO consists of one large powder cleanser and one large non-abrasive cream cleaner, coupled with two non-scratch scouring pads. 

The powder is ideal for tackling tough grease and grime. Mix with a little water and with water and use a non-scratch pad (supplied) to clean on shower glass, surface rust, pots, BBQ grills & more.

The cream cleaner is non-abrasive and great for the kitchen sink, stainless steel benches, ovens, solid chrome tapware, brass, aluminium & more.

The BIG DUO Includes: 

1 x Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish 595g (LARGE)

1 x Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser 737g (LARGE)

1 x Tough Grade (Red) Non-Scratch Cleaning Pad

1 x Light Grade (Blue) Non-Scratch Cleaning Pad

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