MORE Spray & Foam Secrets

I had always thought the Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray and Foam did just that, you know... sprayed foam!

It was only much later that I realized you can switch between the two settings, like MORE Spray OR Foam. WHAT?!?

Ok, let's start with the basics first. This may sound a bit self-explanatory but we will say it anyway. First you want to make sure the trigger is on! To do this rotate the top to 'on' as shown in the below image.

To Switch Between Spray and Foam

Now, to flick between the spray and foam open or close the small mesh and plastic cap as shown below on the front of the nozzle. And that's it, your MORE Spray OR Foam 😅
Open = General spray
Closed = Foam spray

Foam works best on vertical surfaces or for tougher stains where you want to leave the product on for a minute before scrubbing. The spray is more suited to a general wipe down of surfaces.

For tips on what to use MORE Spray and Foam on please click here
Happy Cleaning 😎


Bar Keepers Friend Double Trio


Bar Keepers Friend, the incredible world-famous cleaning product that has taken New Zealand by storm, and Scrub Daddy, the #1 Selling product EVER on the USA's Shark Tank, have teamed up to bring you the Double Trio.

The Double Trio includes:

  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend Original Cleanser & Polish 340g
  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser 369g
  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray & Foam 750ml
  • 1 x Scrub Daddy Original - Yellow
  • 1 x Scrub Daddy Colours - Random
  • 1 x Scrub Mommy (Dual Sided) - Pink

Original Cleanser – Best for use on tough stains like showers glass, tiles, toilets, brass, copper tubs and more to get rid of rust, hard water stains, mineral deposits and built-up grease and grime. Can be used in a paste-like formula for the toughest stains or dilute for lighter ones, very versatile and great for almost any hard surface.

Soft Cleanser – In a pre-diluted, liquid form. Has the same active ingredients as the original cleanser though in an easier-to-use form. Use for stainless steel benches and sinks, solid chrome tapware, porcelain, acrylic, rust stains, tarnish or aluminium.

MORE Spray & Foam – The gentlest formula, great for chromes, benches, cleaning oily residues, vertical areas such as backsplashes, great for faucets, tapware and sinks. Also tackles everyday grime, but with a massive kick and shine.

Scrub Daddy Original - Yellow - The original revolutionary sponge. His FlexTexture changes depending on water temperature. In cold water, he's firm and in warm water, he's soft for general scrubbing applications. He's been lab tested on over 20 surfaces to be scratch free. Scrub Daddy rinses free of debris, is dishwasher safe, and resists odours for up to 8 weeks.

Scrub Daddy Colours - Random - Colours code your cleaning with Scrub Daddy colours. He's made of the original FlexTexture that made Scrub Daddy famous.

Scrub Mommy Pink - Scrub Mommy is extremely versatile with her softer side. She's a dual sided sponge with one half, the original FlexTexture that made Scrub Daddy products famous, as well as the super soft, suds generating ResoFoam side. Scrub, Flip and Wipe.


MORE Spray & Foam Secrets
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