Cleaning Fireplace Glass with Bar Keepers Friend

Who doesn't love cuddling up next to the fire in a blanket on a cold winters day?
While fireplaces are cosy, they do require regular cleaning, not only for appearance, but also safety purposes.

Removing soot and stains from your glass fireplace door or insert is easy with Bar Keepers Friend. BKF has a few products you can use to clean your fireplace. For light soiling, our Soft Cleanser may suffice, but for tougher cleaning tasks, use our powdered Cleanser.

Bar Keepers Friend products are also safe to use on stainless and general steel, copper and brass. However, do not use if your glass doors have an uncoated iron frame.

Important Safety Tip: Glass doors will stay hot long after a fire is extinguished - always make sure the glass is cool to the touch prior to cleaning.

Using Soft Cleanser

Step 1: Open the door and place newspaper or a trash bag underneath it. OR place newspaper or a trash bag on top of the fireplace. Remove the insert and place on top so any cleaning residue is collected.

Step 2: Use a damp cloth on the glass to remove any loose debris.

Step 3: Apply the Soft Cleanser to a damp sponge.

Step 4: Spread the product evenly around the glass surface.

Step 5: After 15-20 seconds, get scrubbing (we recommend Scrub Daddy or a light-grade pad).

Step 6: Wipe/rinse clean with a microfibre cloth or paper towels.

Using Cleanser

Step 1: Apply powder onto a damp sponge, or directly on to the wet glass.

Step 2: Following the same steps as listed above, get busy cleaning!


For tough jobs, we'd suggest making the powder into a paste and letting it sit on the surface for a full minute before giving it a scrub then rinsing completely. Also, work over a small area at first other than the whole door at once.

If you have any questions or are wanting more information please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

"This was my fire place that hadn't been cleaned in a few years I used the powder and cream cleanser and I don't think I can go back to standard products ever again" - Caitlin C.

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Cleaning Fireplace Glass with Bar Keepers Friend
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