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Bar Keepers Friend is a powerful cleaning solution tough enough to tackle a greasy grill grate, yet gentle enough to use on glass. BKF Cleanser is the product you can trust to get the job done.

We have 3 main products. 

#1. Original Powder Cleanser


Our TOUGHEST cleaning solution. 

Our original 1882 formula powdered cleanser still delivers premium cleaning power for stains on non-porous surfaces. 

Best Uses:

  • Showers Glass, 
  • Tiles, Toilets,
  • Brass,
  • Copper Tubs
  • Surface Rust,
  • Hard Water Stains,
  • Mineral Deposits,
  • Built-up Grease and Grime.

It can be used in a paste-like formula for the toughest stains or dilute for lighter ones, very versatile, and great for almost any hard surface.

Shower Cleaning Tutorial: Wach THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL to learn how to clean your shower door with bar keepers friend.


#2. Cream Cleanser

Cream = Our MEDIUM strength cleaning solution

Our creamy soft cleanser clings to vertical surfaces for easy cleaning indoors and outdoors and wipes away cleanly for a streak-free shine.

Bar Keepers Friend Soft cleanser delivers the same power as our classic cleanser, but in a premixed formulation for quick cleaning tasks. 

Best Uses: 

Stainless Steel (Kitchen Bench/Sink, BBQ hood, etc.), chrome (tapware, car wheels, bar stools), porcelain, soap scum, rust stains, tarnish, and mineral deposits.


#3. More Spray & Foam Cleaner

Spray & Foam = Our SOFT strength cleaner. 

MORE Spray + Foam contains the same effective cleaning agents as our classic cleaners but has a gentler formulation for light, everyday cleaning.

Use the spray cleaner setting to quickly clean horizontal or easy-to-reach surfaces, or the “foam” setting to clean vertical surfaces or for stubborn stains.

Best Uses: 
The gentlest formula is great for Chromes, Benches, Cleaning oily residues, vertical areas such as backsplashes, great for faucets, acrylic, tapware, and sinks. 

It also tackles everyday grime, but with a massive kick and shine.


"One Product ...Hundreds of Uses!

BKF has multiple uses throughout the home – it can easily remove rust stains, tarnish, water spots, mineral deposits, and more.

To summarise here are a list of acceptable and non-acceptable surfaces you can clean with Bar Keepers Friend.

Where to use:

IMPORTANT: Test on a small area first. BKF is not recommended for colored grout, porous, or matte finish tiles, as it can be hard to rinse and cause damage. 


  • Stainless steel
  • Brass, bronze, copper alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass


  • Sinks
  • Cookware
  • Stove cooktops and exteriors
  • Countertops (non-stone)
  • Backsplashes
  • Porcelain or ceramic dishes
  • Drained floors


  • Sinks
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Tile and grout (not recommended for colored grout, porous or matte finish tiles)


  • Rust stains
  • Siding
  • Grills
  • Tools
  • Sporting equipment (test first)

Where NOT to use:

  • Porous or Matte Finished Tiles 
  • Gold or silver
  • Polished stone such as marble or granite
  • Colored grout
  • Lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces

As Bar Keepers Friend is a powerful cleaning solution, we highly recommend spot-testing each surface before cleaning to ensure compatibility with your surface.  

Specialty Products 

While Bar Keepers Friend will become a staple in your household. We also have a range of specialty products to help you get clean those hard to reach places. These products are loved by commercial cleaners and we're confident you'll love having them in your arsenal.

Cookware Cleanser & Polish

Specially formulated to remove burnt-on food and stains, BKF Cookware Cleanser & Polish can make old cookware and dishes look new again.

Best Uses:
Made to power through baked-on food grime, Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish contains 50% more grease-cutting detergents than our other cleansers. Our Cookware Cleanser can remove stains from glass and ceramic casserole dishes, stainless steel utensils, enamel-coated cast iron, and other cookware.


Where to use:


  • Stainless steel pots and pans
  • Glass casserole dishes
  • Baking sheets
  • Oven door interiors (do not apply to areas you can’t rinse well)
  • Tough stains on cooking surfaces


  • The toughest rust stains and mineral deposits
  • Stubborn stains on showers, tubs, and toilets


  • The best way to clean stainless steel grills!
  • Grill tools
  • Camping cookware
  • Rust stains

Where NOT to use:

  • Non-stick cookware or bakeware
  • Any cooking surface you can’t rinse well
  • Gold or silver
  • Polished stone such as marble or granite
  • Lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces


Cooktop Cleaner

Quickly clean induction cooktops, cookware, and other glass or ceramic surfaces with our Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner.

Cleaners that contain harsh abrasives can scratch glossy surfaces, so the best way to clean a glass or ceramic cooktop clean is to use a product formulated for those surfaces. Our Cooktop Cleaner removes cooking oils and hardened food debris without scratching or dulling the cooktop. You can also use it to clean metal and ceramic cookware.

Where to use:

  • Ceramic cooktops
  • Glass cooktops
  • Ceramic dinner and serving ware – buff out utensil marks!
  • Metal cookware and serving ware

Where NOT to use:

  • Gold or silver
  • Polished stone such as marble or granite
  • Lacquered, painted, or mirrored surfaces


Partner Products

Scrub Daddy 

Known as the MAGIC SPONGE, Scrub Daddy has officially landed in New Zealand. 

It is so good that it aired on the USA TV show "Shark Tank" and has become the most successful product in the show's history!

Magic? Yes(ish). Well... nah... It's technology!

Run under cold water; the sponge is TOUGH. Allowing you to scrub hard into those oven-baked dishes.

Run under hot water; the sponge is SOFT. Washing away all evidence of the post-dinner mud cake from your dessert bowl (shhh).

This sponge will put a smile on your face as you put a spoon in its mouth.

***We're offering FREE Shipping on a 6-pack of the Original Scrub Daddy - New Zealand wide.


Most Popular In New Zealand

Double Trio Cleaning Kit 

Our most popular cleaning kit is currently available for purchase and will be delivered NZ wide!

Bar Keepers Friend, the incredible world-famous cleaning product that has taken NZ by storm, and Scrub Daddy, the #1 Selling product EVER on the USA's Shark Tank, have teamed up to bring you the Double Trio.


The Double Trio includes:

  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend Original Cleanser & Polish 340g
  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser 369g
  • 1 x Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray & Foam 750ml
  • 1 x Scrub Daddy Original - Yellow
  • 1 x Scrub Daddy Colours - Blue
  • 1 x Scrub Mommy (Dual Sided) - Pink

Original Cleanser – Best for use on tough stains like showers glass, tiles, toilets, brass, copper tubs, and more to get rid of rust, hard water stains, mineral deposits, and built-up grease and grime. Can be used in a paste-like formula for the toughest stains or dilute for lighter ones, very versatile, and great for almost any hard surface.

Soft Cleanser – In a pre-diluted, liquid form. Has the same active ingredients as the original cleanser though in an easier-to-use form. Use for stainless steel benches and sinks, solid chrome tapware, porcelain, acrylic, rust stains, tarnish, or aluminium.

MORE Spray & Foam – The gentlest formula, great for chromes, benches, cleaning oily residues, vertical areas such as backsplashes, great for faucets, tapware, and sinks. Also tackles everyday grime, but with a massive kick and shine.

Scrub Daddy Original - Yellow - The original revolutionary sponge. His FlexTexture changes depending on water temperature. In cold water, he's firm and in warm water, he's soft for general scrubbing applications. He's been lab-tested on over 20 surfaces to be scratch-free. Scrub Daddy rinses free of debris, is dishwasher safe, and resists odours for up to 8 weeks.

Scrub Daddy Colours - Blue - Colours code your cleaning with Scrub Daddy colours. He's made of the original FlexTexture that made Scrub Daddy famous. Maybe blue for the bathroom, and yellow for the kitchen?

Scrub Mommy Pink - Scrub Mommy is extremely versatile with her softer side. She's a dual-sided sponge with one half, the original FlexTexture that made Scrub Daddy products famous, as well as the super-soft, suds generating ResoFoam side. Scrub, Flip, and Wipe.



Products & Uses - Bar Keepers Friend
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