Scrub Daddy Damp Duster: The Ultimate Cleaning Tool for a Dust-Free Home

New Scrub Daddy product called "The Damp Duster" went viral on social media worldwide and has finally landed in New Zealand.

The latest product from Scrub Daddy is called the Damp Duster... This little gem is more than just a fun name; it's a game-changer for your cleaning routine!

It's become a HUGE success, blowing up on TikTok worldwide, generating over 15M+ views, selling out in the USA for months, and leaving us (New Zealand) high and dry ...until now.

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What is a Damp Duster?

The Damp Duster by Scrub Daddy is a sponge-like cleaning tool that's designed to attract and trap dust particles. Its grooved surface works like a magnet, effectively catching hair, dust, and crumbs in one quick swipe​1​.

Why is the Damp Duster so popular?

Thank TikTok for this one... When influencers shared videos of themselves using the Damp Duster, the videos went viral. Some videos generating over 15M+ views.


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 Not only that. Major publications such as Buzz Feed, Vice, Taste Of Home, and Daily Mail got wind of and shared their thoughts: 

"So…does it work? A resounding HOYEAH! This baby is so good at trapping dust and hair that when I looked at the dusting sponge after the first pass, I almost gagged." ~Vice

"This TikTok Viral Reusable Duster Transformed My Cleaning Routine!" ~ Buzz Feed

"TikTok goes crazy for new Scrub Daddy product for dusting" ~ Yahoo Finance

"Shoppers are going wild over a new Scrub Daddy product that can remove dust" ~ Daily Mail

"It's the Scrub Daddy product we didn't know we needed!" ~ Taste Of Home

How does the Damp Duster work?

When dampened, the Damp Duster's grooves attract dust and trap it, preventing particles from floating in the air or settling into your carpet. It's perfect for a variety of surfaces including blinds, vents, baseboards, railings, mirrors, and more​1​. It is particularly effective on glass and baseboards, where it removes dust with a single swipe, leaving no streaks behind​1​.

Is Damp Duster worth it?

Absolutely! The Scrub Daddy Damp Duster has received rave reviews from users for its ability to remove dust more effectively than traditional methods. Plus, it's fun to use, easily rinses clean, doesn't smell, and is reusable. And at a reasonable price point, considering the lifespan of the duster, this is excellent value for money​​. - But don't take our word for it, see what others have to say.

Is Wet Dusting better than Dry Dusting?

Wet dusting, or damp dusting, is a method of dusting that uses a slightly damp cloth or tool to pick up and trap dust. Unlike dry dusting, which can cause dust particles to become airborne and resettle elsewhere, damp dusting effectively traps dust and removes it from the surface. The Damp Duster is a testament to the effectiveness of this method, trapping every particle within its grooves and leaving no traces behind​1​.

How often should you damp dust?

The frequency of damp dusting depends on the dust accumulation in your home. However, it's generally recommended to damp dust once a week. This ensures your surfaces remain clean and dust-free. With the Damp Duster, this task becomes quick and easy.

Where can I buy the Damp Duster in New Zealand?

You can purchase the Damp Duster by Scrub Daddy in New Zealand from CleanPost, an authorised distributor of Scrub Daddy products. Alternatively, over the coming months, you may find the Damp Duster on shelves alongside Scrub Daddy Sponges in all good homeware stores such as Mitre10 & Bunnings. 

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TLDR: If you're in the mood to give your home a bit of a spruce-up and you're tired of the same old dusting routine, grab a Scrub Daddy Damp Duster. It's just extremely popular worldwide and just landed in NZ. It might just become your new favourite cleaning companion!

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster: The Ultimate Cleaning Tool for a Dust-Free Home
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