How to Use Naked Glass Repellent

Ok, so you've finally got your shower glass clean... now what? You are probably not looking forward to the next clean... this is where Naked Glass Repellent comes in.

This Repellent is designed to make your life easier by applying a protective layer to the glass. This in turn means more time between cleans and an easier to clean surface.

Important Notes: This product is for use after the glass has been cleaned to protect the glass. Naked Glass Repellent is not a cleaner. This product can be used on windscreens, general windows and shower glass.

Bar Keepers Friend can be used on most types of glass including glass with protection already applied, however, we recommend checking with the manufacturer prior if still under warranty.

Instructions (Also on bottle):
Step 1: Shake well before use.

Step 2: Generously apply Naked Glass Repellent directly onto a soft microfibre cloth.

Step 3: Rub into dry glass with the dampened cloth.

Step 4: Continue to coat the glass, until all areas of the glass are well covered.

Step 5: Allow 20 minutes for the Repellent to cure into the glass.

Step 6: Rinse the glass with water and dry with a soft dry cloth.


I squeegee after every shower, should I still use Naked Glass Repellent?
Even if you use a squeegee every time, build-up will still occur (although at a much slower rate) due to soap scum and moisture. We definitely would still recommend the Naked Glass Protection on the shower to further extend the life of your shower and keep your glass looking pristine.

Can I use Naked Glass Repellent on a brand new shower?
Sure can! Naked Glass is our recommended glass protectant.

How often should I clean the shower after protected?
Once the shower glass has been protected with Naked Glass Repellent, we recommend cleaning with water or general soap or light cleaner once per week. As the glass is sealed, it will be easier to maintain, hence why water is often all that's needed.

If spots do appear, just use a small amount of Bar Keepers Friend, and the spots should come off with a very quick application.

Shower Cleaning & Protection Kit



  • 1 Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish 340g
  • 1 Naked Glass 250ml Repel
  • 1 Red - Tough Grade Cleaning Pad
  • 1 Blue - Light Grade Cleaning Pad
  • 1 Microfibre Cloth

Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser - Use this with the Tough Grade, Red Pad for your Shower Glass, Use with the Light Grade, Blue Pad for your acrylics, and chromes, tapware and fixtures.

Naked Glass Repel - Use this with the Microfibre Cloth to protect your glass from future etching and staining, making the shower glass incredibly easy to maintain


How to Use Naked Glass Repellent
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