How to Clean Copperware with Bar Keepers Friend

Polished copperware can make a kitchen look warm and inviting. However, stained or tarnished copperware can do the exact opposite.

Copper appears dirty for two main reasons, the first being tarnish. Tarnish creates a layer of corrosion on top which dulls the sheen, making the copperware appear dirty.

The second, perhaps more obvious reason is food stains, as you well know, kitchens can get messy!

Most copper cookware is lined with a protective coating, usually made of stainless steel or tin. Since most copperware is lined, you'll want a cleanser (like BKF) that is safe for both the copper surface and lining. However always...

Test First!

Bar Keepers Friend is suitable for quality copper, however it’s always a good idea to test the cleanser on a small area first (because some products marketed as copperware may be a mix of metals).

Wet a spot on the copperware and add a slight amount of Bar Keepers Friend. Use a wet sponge to lightly cleanse the area, rinse, and check for any dullness or scratches.

How To Clean

Step 1: Grab a light grade non-scratch pad or sponge and rinse.

Step 2: Apply a generous amount of Soft Cleanser to the pad or sponge, or straight onto the surface if you prefer.

Step 3: Start cleaning! Work in a small area at a time until you've gone over the whole surface.

Step 4:  Rinse thoroughly and wipe the surface down with a clean, dry cloth.

If that doesn't cut it you may want to step up to one of our powdered products, either the Cookware Cleanser and Polish or the general powdered Cleanser.

Instructions (Toughest):
Step 1: Rinse the copperware in water.

Step 2: In a small bowl or similar, mix BKF Cookware Cleanser or general Cleanser with a small amount of water to make a paste. Peanut butter consistency is perfect.

Step 3: Apply mixture onto the surface and leave on for up to a minute.

Step 4: Scrub! Scrub! Scrub! We recommend using a Scrub Daddy in cold water or a tough grade pad (rinse first). Scrub using small circles.

Step 5: Rinse surface down thoroughly before use.

Step 6: Dry with a soft (lint free) cloth.

With thanks to Randy Clark from the Bar Keepers Friend U.S. website

How/Where to Buy

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser can be bought online individually or as part of a kit We are also in over 200 stores nationwide. Find your closest retailer here.

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How to Clean Copperware with Bar Keepers Friend
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