How to Find Motivation to Clean

I, like many people, really struggle to get motivated to clean. If you are one of those amazing people that loves, and is always in the mood for cleaning, you rock! But for the rest of us we sometimes need a little motivation to get going.

The hardest part of cleaning in my opinion is not actually the cleaning itself, but getting started. So I've put together some of my favourite ways to get motivated to clean.

1. Focus on one thing at a time - If you think about all the things you may need to do around the home you are bound to get overwhelmed.

Start with a small task, nope smaller! This article by Housewife How-Tos puts it really well by saying "Start with one surface. Not one floor of the house, not one room of it, not even an entire closet or one cupboard. Start with one surface" (or one small area or section if the surface is large). Finish this in its entirety, and do not feel guilty that it is only small. You are doing something and that is the first, and I think the hardest step.

2. Pump up those tunes! - Cleaning doesn't have to be boring! Music can help boost your energy and mood which is ideal for cleaning. You can also listen to a podcast, an audiobook or something similar, however, I find something upbeat works best.

There are tons of cleaning song playlists on Spotify and YouTube that work great, along with some great articles on some great cleaning songs. Get some song ideas here and here.

3. Turn off distractions - No this doesn't mean turn off the music, this means turning off the distractions that will stop or divert you from cleaning. So, put your phone away (after reading this blog of course), turn off that Netflix and get cleaning.
You can do it!

4. Set a timer - This is a great tool for the jobs that you procrastinate on most. Set a timer (15-25 mins works best) and work steadily for that time. After your timer is done, have a 5 minute break (time this too if you plan to get back to cleaning).

This not only gives your cleaning a time-line and routine but you'll likely realise that some of those dreaded jobs don't take as long as you think.

5. Do a small amount daily - Having a cleaning routine or even a set time each day to clean can mean more time in the weekend for fun and relaxation.

You could assign each task or room a day of the week, Monday Bathroom etc. or  clean for a certain time each day (#4 helpful for this) and you will be amazed at how much you get done.

My big tip is to do it as soon as I get home from work, because if I sit down when I get home, that's it - no cleaning or anything productive for me. Also, as soon as you get up works well and sets up a productive mindset for the day ahead.

6. Remember why you are cleaning - If you think cleaning is a waste of time because it will just get dirty again, you are so wrong.

Having a clean and organised space means less dust and dirt, which in-turn means less illnesses and allergies in the home. Cleaning, when done regularly also saves you time as a little de-clutter or tidy up every day saves a big clean up each week. Also you know where things are which saves time looking for things.

Lastly, and I think most importantly, having a clean space makes you feel good! Clutter has been shown to negatively impact your mood and increase stress levels. People clean for various reasons so find what motivates you. Remember, every little bit counts, and if you ever feel overwhelmed with how much has to be done, head back to #1.

7. Invite people over - This is a great way to achieve some rapid fire cleaning. The idea that someone is coming over and will see your mess is a great motivation technique to get cleaning. You don't have to invite heaps of people either, often just one will do the trick, especially if they are a bit picky.

Final Thoughts
It turns out writing a blog about cleaning motivation is also a great cleaning motivator. Thanks so much for reading! Now go clean! You got this! 😁

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Tough Grade Cleaning Pad (Red or Green): Use this for the really tough surfaces, like shower glass, tiles and ovens

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How to Find Motivation to Clean
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