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Big Bundle

Big Bundle

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This kit truly has it all!
- A touch of luxury with The Washery's fan favourites.
- The environmentally friendly Dazz Eco Spray Collection for the easy clean.
- The ever-popular Scrub Daddy (x3!).
- The super dependable Bar Keepers Friend large duo and MORE Spray.

1 x Bar Keepers Friend Cream Cleanser Large (737g) 
1 x Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser Large (595g)
1 x Bar Keepers Friend MORE Spray & Foam (750ml)

3 x Reusable Glass Spray Bottles (To add water)
2 x Dazz's All-Purpose Cleaner
2 x Dazz's Bathroom Cleaner
2 x Dazz's Window/Glass Cleaner

3 x Scrub Daddy sponges (various colours)

1 x The Washery Bio-cloth (3 Pack)
1 x The Washery Waffle Tea Towel Set (3 pack)

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