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How to: Clean your shower glass with Bar Keepers Friend

Thousands of Kiwis have used Bar Keepers Friend to remove limescale and soap scum from their shower glass. 

We have received hundreds of before and after photos and videos from our fellow Kiwis to showcase how well BKF works!

Can't seem to have the results everyone else is having! ...What's going on? 

This article will help you understand why you may be having trouble removing that soap scum and limescale from your shower glass. And how best to use BKF to get the results you desire. 


 Let's cut to the chase ...The following instruction work for 99% of people.

Important notes before you begin: 

ENSURE your shower door is glass! - Not plastic. Even a non-scratch cleaning pad can scratch the plastic. If you have a plastic shower door, do not use.

Some showers may have a protective coating which is not suitable with our products. Check with manufacturer if unsure.

If you have dark grout on a tiled shower, do not use! Bar Keepers Friend can stain dark grout giving it a lighter/white shade as it's fine particles can etch into the grout. 

Assuming your glass is covered in limescale and soap scum from years of neglect, you will need to physically scrub it off using a coarse scrubbing pad to remove it. This may require some elbow grease! 

BKF will breakdown the limescale layer by layer. However, limescale is not the same as a hard frost on your car windscreen that will wash away with a little warm water... It's tough stuff! And in the past, we used electric buffers to grind off limescale from the glass, then polish it up after using Naked Glass Repel. It would take a lot of work, and we would charge up to $300 per shower. But now, thanks to Bark Keepers Friend, you can buy yourself a Shower Cleaning Kit and do it yourself without the need for an electric buffer and less than 1/4 of the price!!

Video Tutorial:


Start with a small 10cm circle on your shower glass. - Once you achieve the result you desire on that 10cm circle, then (and only then) move on. 

Please read the last sentence again. 👆

Did you read it? 👆 

Great! ...Let's begin 😁

1.Grab yourself a non-scratch cleaning pad. And a bowl of water. 

This must be a non-scratch pad*. 

If you purchased a shower cleaning kit, use the RED pad with warm water. It's the most course scrubber. Or use a Scrub Daddy with COLD water. 

*Do not use scouring pads/brushes. They will scratch your glass beyond repair. Please purchase a non-scratch pad from our store to ensure you don't scratch your glass. 

2.Wet your Non-Scratch Pad/Scrub Daddy Sponge with water.

3.Apply Bar Keepers Friend Powder Cleanser to the wet sponge. 

Use the POWDER cleanser as it's our toughest solution 💪

Imagine Scrub Daddy just got hit in the face with a snowball. Don't be shy! Remember, limescale can build up over YEARS... After thousands of showers. 

We are attempting to do the impossible here and rewind the clock to make your glass look new. Pile on that powder! - It usually sticks as the water from the sponge makes it tacky. Yes, you will likely lose a little overboard as you would in a snow fight.

 Pro tip: Squeeze the Scrub Daddy sponge so powder does not fall through the eyes and mouth. 

4.Press against the glass and scrub in a circular motion drawing the 10cm circle you are testing.  

Count to 10 while scrubbing... 

Pro tip: You don't need to press so hard your hand cramps, but just as your window wipers clear a frosted windscreen, it can take a few scrubs to peel back the layers, and years of build-up from the glass. 

After about 10-15 seconds (or 20-30 small circles), you should feel the course limescale begin to smoothen under the scrubber. 

After20-30 seconds, Stop. Grab a dry cloth, and wipe. OR, turn on your shower and rinse that circle.

Can you see the difference between the inside and outside of the circle? 

If you can still see watermarks/limescale within the circle, wet the sponge, add more BKF powder cleanser, Scrub again.  

Repeat until you see the results you desire. 

Why does it seem so tough for me compared to others? Glass is considered non-porous. However, it is. While the pores of the glass are very tiny, after years of exposure, limescale will etch right into your glass, whereas soap scum will not. 

5.Protect your glass from future build-up. 

Once you have finished, you will want to protect your glass. To do this, we recommend using Naked Glass Repel & Protect.  

1. Rinse your shower thoroughly after using BKF, then dry the glass. 

2. Spray Repel onto the glass and spread evenly over the glass using a dry cloth. This will form a thin layer evenly over your glass. 

3. Wait 20 minutes. Rinse. 

You will now see the beads of water running off the glass thanks to the power of Naked Glass Repel & Protect.

For best results, repeat this process every three months. Water in New Zealand can be very hard. And soap scum will build up from general use no matter what we do. But if you repeat this every few months, you will find the process becomes swift and effective in maintaining a clean shower!

Here is a video demonstration to showcase the instructions provided above:  


As you can see, BKF works! And if at first, you did not succeed. Please go back through this tutorial and follow the step by step instructions until successful. 

We have put together a Cleaning Kit that includes all the required products at a discounted price! Our team in Papamoa will deliver your parcel anywhere in New Zealand in 1-3 working days. This offer is only available through our online store. 


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Happy cleaning!

Bar Keepers Friend, New Zealand

If you have any questions, please contact, and our team will be happy to help.